Sleight offers a number of services depending on what you’re looking for. Baseline, we offer a message board on BOTH of our video pages that allow users to create posts and ask questions or advice on a number of topics. We are aware that other platforms exist and urge you to use them! Learning is very important. However, if you’re looking for generalized and allocated educational Cardistry content- STAY! 

Our paid SLEIGHT service is a forum with weekly updated sleight-of-hand Cardistry techniques. We urge users to practice caution when using deceptive techniques and to always inform other parties that you are using techniques that may be confusing or deceiving. 

Our paywall is $10 a month for every user that chooses to engage. If you think this is too much, send us an email attached to our ABOUT page. We would hate to see a potential Cardistry master leave our site because of money. 

We update our content monthly with at least three new videos. If you think you’ve seen the trick before, stick around and watch the full video. There will always be a new technique added to a previously taught technique. Whether that be a new cut, a new spread, or new cards!

As always, our basic features are free to use year-round.