Sleight Is all about speed. Our videos are fast, the learning is fast, and our tricks are fast. We know that there are other ways to consume card content, but we think that there is a special aspect to SLEIGHT, because we have everything that you would need here. 

I love SLEIGHT. I started playing with cards the past year because work was starting to get really boring during the slow months. After a while, I started to get really interested in sleight-of hand tricks. I think It’s really cool that you can trick people just by altering what’s in front of their eyes. After too many time not finding what I was looking for, I found SLEIGHT. So many websites were very convoluted with so much content without ever getting to the point. And I hate ads!! I really like how sleight organizes their data, and cut straight to the chase. There isn’t any beating around the bush here. It’s straight to the point and very educational! ” – Ashley

SLEIGHT is perfect for me. I’ve been playing cards with my dad since before I was born, basically. So, I’ve always known how to do basic card tricks really well. But, I wanted more. My college friend mentioned to what SLEIGHT is, and I had my suspicions. I don’t like paywalls for a service that already exists on the internet, but I couldn’t stand watching scattered YouTube videos showing me stuff that I already knew. What I like most about sleight is that the tutorials update weekly. The captions are simple and get straight to the point. I would definitely recommend this to beginners or someone who is looking for a skillset that needs to be polished!” – Isaac

We would also like to mention that this service is purely for educational purposes.