Who are we?

Sleight is a community of Cardistry enjoyers from every level of ability. Whether you are a beginner or a master card player, you will find your place here. On our basic tab, we update monthly videos which show basic Cardistry tricks. On our SLEIGHT page, we offer a $10 monthly paywall that teaches specifically sleight-of-hand card tricks. Whether you want to deceive an opponent or just impress your friends, we promise that your dollar will be well spent.


What We Aren’t

We are not a card-playing website. We teach basic card tricks and sleight-of-hand card tricks. If you are searching for a community that shares a passion for card playing, you may find that here! We also love card games. But there will not be any card-playing tutorials here. We specifically teach abilities in CARDISTRY. 

Our Mission

Our goal with this website is to create a community of people that are able to join no matter what skill level they may have. Beginning and masters alike! Sleight believes that card playing has and should always be fun! We are not harboring the next great wizard. We only want to show people simple ways to improve their Cardistry knowledge.